Walcot and Co

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris (1834-1896)

Welcome to Walcot and Co.

About Us

We have always collected beautiful things: furniture (particularly arts and crafts), art, and ceramics.   That lifetime habit of sourcing interesting old antique, art and decorative items, restoring them as best we can, and passing them on for another generation of use, is what this shop is about.    


We buy what we like:  anything interesting, or beautiful, or well designed.  Most of it is antique or vintage, but we do include the occasional contemporary item that fits the bill.  The common denominator is good quality and craftsmanship.  

We love the sense of history that comes with old furniture: how and when it was made, the craftsmanship and materials used to make it,  how and who it was used by.  It all adds to the character of every piece we source and sell.

We think mixing it up is important.  Antique furniture can work well alongside mid-century modern and contemporary designer pieces.  It can also look great in modern apartments complementing high street design. Old furniture and new fabrics can make a stunning combination.  We try to source pieces that work equally well in contemporary and traditional settings. 

Our Ethos

We take good design for granted in the 21st century.  Every product that is mass produced today has had a significant design effort built into it.  What is not always appreciated is that skill, craftsmanship and quality in many things from the past, and those makers who produced them. We owe them a great debt for their efforts, the skills they have passed down, and the beautiful things they have left us with. This site is our way of paying that debt forward: it is important their legacy is still accessible and loved by future generations. 



Our objective is to do what restoration we can, but without losing authenticity. The pieces are old, and will never be perfect, but we do try to make them as good as they can possibly be, given their age and history. 

Furniture renovation: we clean it,  correct any structural problems, minimise any surface imperfections and apply the most appropriate finish.  All the restoration is done professionally by skilled craftsmen in the Northwest of England. 

Upholstery: where it makes sense we will keep the original fabric.  If not, then we mix the old furniture with contemporary fabrics, but try to keep the upholstery itself as authentic as we can.  Our ideal is to retain any original webbing, padding and stuffing, and to re-cover with new fabric.  That is not always practical or possible,  but it is what we aim for.  All the upholstery is done by specialist upholsterers in the North West.   

Fabrics:  where new fabrics are required,  we choose the best quality: velvets by Romo and Linwood, kaleidoscope colours by Timorous Beasties,  Manuel Canovas and Andrew Martin prints,  traditional French toiles and Irish linens.   

Framing: we sell any paintings in their original frames. If you would like to have them re-framed, we can do that for you.  Please contact us to discuss specifications and quotations for framing. 

Ceramics: we source ceramics for their aesthetic appeal rather than their collectible value.  If there is any historic damage or restoration, we will make that clear in the listing. We don't undertake any restoration work on ceramics ourselves. 


Our main outlet is this shop.  We have a premises in Cheshire to collect and restore the stock,  and a base in London we use mainly for distribution.   If you would like to view specific items at either of those locations then please contact us to make an appointment for viewing.   

Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.
— Billy Baldwin, Interior Designer (1903-1983)